Monday, 4 October 2010

Scotland, Glasgow: Day 1

7:30am shot of airport whiskey.. when in Rome!

Saturday morning Sam and I gather our things and leave the house at 5:30 am to Scotland!!
Flight over is super fast and we are landed and on the bus before 9:30 am heading into Glasgow. Sam's friend Kev has (very kindly) let us stay at his place, even though he is in Romania! So we wander through town, over the bridge and finally arrive at his flat.  Nice digs! Two bedroom apartment and looks like an Ikea representative helped decorate!  We make ourselves at home, have a little nap, unpack, then - following house rules - open up some wine before heading back into Glasgow to explore.  We wandered around the city, did some shopping and admired all of the old architecture.  Our plan was to go to the theater that night so we headed over to buy tickets only to discover it was sold out :(  Instead we picked up some groceries, a little more wine and went back to Kev's place.

Museum of Modern Art

City Chambers

After dinner and wine we were not going to let a sold out show, or some rain, get us down.  We walked over the bridge, taking a short cut through Green Park, in search of a good pub.  My logic was we would walk straight and go into the first good place.  Because of the rain, and fear of forgetting the way home, Sam agreed with my logic.  We walked straight and could hear music - good sign.  Then we saw big flashing lights and figured we were heading in the right direction.  But as we got closer, we realized that the loud music was coming from some tiny hole in the wall pub.

Michelle: the music is coming from THAT place?
Sam: I guess so.. want to go in?
Michelle: it looks like there are only guys in there... yes!  (haha)

So in we went, all eyes turned as we walked in to a Celtics hooligan bar filled with rowdy football fans celebrating the win that day. (In Scotland you are a Celtics or a Rangers fan - there is no grey area, and you are proud and wear the colours and sport a tattooo of your team somewhere on your body).

Before Sam could even get back with our drinks our new friend Kev had come over and asked if "us ladies" wanted to go to a party (yes it was that obvious we were outsiders!) But that is not exactly how the convo went, he had to repeat about 5 times before we could understand what the heck he was saying!
our new friends
Long story short, we met all of Kev's friends, then convinced them to take us to another pub, since this one closed at 9?? and we were not going to their house party. We ended up at another hole in the wall local place, very entertaining!

Glasgow accent confusion of the day:

Scot: Wow, Canada. I'd really like to go to Canada one day. Do you shoot bears over there?
Michelle: Well not everyday..
Scot: haha, not every day. In Scotland we shoot junkies
Michelle: You shoot donkeys??? Are they a problem over here?
Scot: Donkeys?? I said we shoot JUNKIES!
(and this was the source of many jokes for the rest of the night)

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