Sunday, 31 October 2010

"Home" Sweet "Home"

Our last day in Dublin the weather was rather blustery. We tried to trek out but decided it was not worth getting on a plane a few hours later soaking wet. So, after a short walk, we headed back to the hostel lobby where we relaxed, chatted with some fellow travellers, and drank tea :)
Our flight went well and we made it back to my place just after 7. Yesterday was a decompression day as Jeanine got all of her things organized and tried to fit it all in her suitcase!
This morning I walked her to the bus stop at 5 am and she began her journey home.  I am thankful for daylight savings in the UK which gave me an extra hour of sleep this morning!
What an amazing trip on this half term break, can't wait to do some more trips!
Paris was unbelievable, I recommend everyone go! I will definitely be going back one day, and hope to see farther afield than Paris itself as well.
Dublin was very interesting. I will for sure go back to Ireland, not necessarily Dublin. Would love to visit Belfast and more of the countryside there too.
Cannot believe I just added another 2 countries to my lands explored. Count my blessings every day, I am one lucky girl to get this oppotunity, and on my birthday to boot :)

PS: Mom tells me she hears lots of people are reading this... I think she's just being nice, but if it's true I'd love to hear comments, thoughts, a good joke is always welcome :D

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