Saturday, 16 October 2010


Friday, my first visitor arrived!!! I got home from work, after a more than annoying transit trip home, to find Jeanine attempting to sleep off her jet lag in my house :) haha. Well, none of that. I had a long day and it was time for wine and snacks! So Sam joined us downstairs and we all got acquainted. 
After the bottle of wine and tasty treats were done, we were ready for dinner. So we woke Ang up from her nap and headed to Pizza Express in Winbledon, which we hadn't tried yet.
It was delicious!! We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals, with the exception of Ang.  She thought she would play it safe and order a pepperoni pizza with 'green peppers'.  While she was eating she kept complaining how hot the pepperoni was. I laughed at her spice intolerance and added the pepperoni she picked off to my own pizza, yum :)  But her mouth was still apparently flaming so she decided it was from th green onion / peppers, which she was not also picking off.  Sam and I thought she was nuts so we started grabbing the green peppers and crunching away on them. They were crunchy, so they couldn't be jalapenos.... right??

Even worse! As Sam and I gulped and grabbed for anything that could stop the burning of our mouths the waiter brought the bill and we discovered that they had added 'green chilies' to Ang's pizza! And apparently fresh ones!! 
After that ordeal, we needed to chocolate to calm down. Off to Sainsbury's for chocolatey goodness to enjoy while we watched our newly expanded library of chick flicks (thanks mom!).

This morning Jeanine and I decided to tour around a bit.  We hit up the Imperial War Museum, which was really cool, kinda depressing and, best of all, free!  Then walked over Westminster Bridge and past pariliament buildings, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and finally along Oxford Street for a little shopping.  Needless to say, it was a long, fun, tiring day!

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