Monday, 25 October 2010

Paris: Anniversaire :)

Comin home solo after the pub crawl..
Sunshiny birthday :)

It's my BIRTHDAY!!! IN PARIS!!!! Yay :)

This morning I awoke to find the partner in crime AWOL after the pub crawl last night.. long story. But it is my birthday and that wasn't going to slow down my plans. I dragged myself out of bed at my alarm, showered and had my morning croissant. Took an extra for my purse ;) and headed to the Eiffel Tower!

Taking advice from the hostel lady I got off the metro at Tocadero which offers a fantastic view from a distance of the tower. With the sun coming up behind it the silhouette was amazing. Luckliy I am skilled at the outstretched arm photos, so I got some good ones and asked some fellow tourists for a couple too :)

From there I walked toward the tower, stopping for more pictures of course. I even got a little old fisherman to take one for my down by the Seine.  I jumped in the short line up (stairs, not elevator) and ate my extra croissant as I waited to go up the tower.
Climbing the stairs was awesome, highly recommend it. Stunning views from the first and second levels!! Beautiful sunny clear day made it quite the sight to behold. Unreal!
see, I'm safe! no worries.
up the stairs I go!
Windy, but WOW!


After the Tower I wanted to see Versailles. I knew the palace is closed Mondays so I figured there would be less of a crowd. Boy was I right!!! No crowds since you couldn't get into the palace, but you can still wander around the gardens- which is all I wanted to do anyway. Louis XIV really knew how to live it up!
 While buying postcards a little old man came up to me and said: " Thank you for being so very much beautiful".   I love France!

Louis XIV

From Versailles I went back in to the city to get a closer look at some of the big sights we saw from a distance on the walking tour yesterday.  I went first to Notre Dame.  It is beautiful. The gargoyles and statues on the outside are exquisite.  Inside there aren't even words to describe the stained glass.

From Notre Dame I got back on the metro and went to l'Arc de Triomphe.  That thing is massive! Walked under the crazy 8 lane roundabout and got my close up look. Then walked down Champs d'Elysses road and got to feel like a hobo walking past all the shops. Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Swarovsky diamonds...
Birthday crepe! (yes Sofi, Nutella & banane!)
Now it was about dinner time and I knew that I wanted to check out the Eiffel Tower light show so I headed back to the hostel to have a bite to eat and get on my warm clothes.  Found Jeanine, so after I ate we set out.  Ran into our new Toronto friend and roped him into coming too.  We did the same views I had done earlier in the day watching the light show first from the far viewpoint at Trocadero, then closer from the other side an hour later.  Enjoyed a 'birthday crepe' and now getting packed up for our very early start tomorrow - flying to Dublin at 9:30 :)

Happy Birthday to ME!!  :)

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  1. Bonne fete Michelle!
    Reading your blog makes me sooo envious. "Educating" Grade 6 children just isn't the same as being in England, seeing Stonehenge, being in Paris! You're not missing anything, that's for sure. I was talking to my class today about when I was in Paris at the Musee d'Orsay and seeing a Monet painting in real-life. It made me miss travelling so much and then I read your blog. Keep having the time of your life!!