Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oh the travellers...

So pretty
Another full day in Dublin. This morning we met up for the free walking tour, this is the same company that did Paris tour and London.  We wandered around in the rain hearing mostly about all the of fights that the Irish have been in for the last 2000 years or so! The weather cleared up a bit for the second half of the tour, thankfully. After we went to check out St Patrick's Cathedral - beautiful. It was really a neat feeling to be at the cathedral that our church is a part of.
St Patrick's Cathedral
Tribute to Great Famine
Then we slowly made our way back to the hostel stopping for a late lunch and checking out the souvenir shop again.  At the hostel we warmed up and played some cards. Jeanine went outside and I struck up a conversation with an older nam from South Carolina. What a character! We had quite the chat. Everything from medicare to hip replacements to vaccinations, Montezuma's Revenge, skiing, snowbirds, hostels, teaching.... It was very interesting, then started getting somewhat repetitive in his stories and it became more and more evident that it was not water in the bottle he was sipping on.... By now it was getting dark so Jeanine and I excused ourselves for our 'evening stroll' (and he bought it).  We went out to grab some dinner and are soon off to listen to some live Irish music that we found last night in a pub up the road. Tomorrow we have the morning to do our last exploring of Dublin before we fly back to London and start to prepare to be back to reality soon enough!

tea at the hostel :)

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