Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stonehenge & Bath

WOW! What a day!!
A couple of weeks ago I booked a tour for Jeanine and I to do of Stonehenge and Bath. It was amazing.  We got up early and set out for our pick up point at London Bridge. Got there early, of course, so we wandered down to Tower Bridge which Jeanine hadn't seen yet. It was all lit up in the early morning dusk and looked spectacular!

The coach finally picked us up, and all the others along the way out of the city, and we were off to Stonehenge. Yes, a Wonder of the World! The coach was a great scenic ride, caught up on a little sleep and we were there.  Our tour included tickets so we budged our way right up to the front of the queue and went right in. We wandered around the stones marvelling, just like the other hundreds of people, at this wonder.  It is pretty amazing up close and especially on such a beautiful day.

After grabbing a snack we hopped back on the coach and were on our way to the city of Bath.  It was built in the Georgian syle and, to make it appear more impressive and paladial, the King decided that all of the buildings had to be built in the same style.  Have to admit, the guy was on to something!
view from coach coming into Bath
Roman baths
But what really makes Bath a destination is the natural hot springs.  They are the only ones in all of the UK! So of course the Romans found them, laid claim to them, and built around them.  We walked around the original (restored) baths, which are hugely polluted and you can't touch the water, but nevertheless are beautiful. 
We strolled around the city taking in all of the amazing architecture and sights after we had seen the baths.  I took so many gorgeous pictures this small sample will not do justice! It was such a gorgeous day we decided to skip the pub. We grabbed subway, some bakery goods, and a beverage (of course), and enjoyed our lunch in the park.  Just beautiful!!
After our coach ride home and, of course, some tube detours, we made it back after a wonderful day. Great tour, awesome tour guide, fantastic day =D

For Jen & Knighties!! :)
lunch in the park :)

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