Thursday, 30 September 2010

5 day work week :)

This week was my first 5 day work week! And I am already planning my shopping trip next weekend after I get paid! Haha.

It started Monday with a call from the agency telling me hesitantly that they had work, was I ready?
I said: yes.
They said: well.... it's secondary..... french - How do you feel about that?
Me: uhh grreat?
And off I went on the 'hike' (they were not kidding) to find this school.  I arrived to find out that I would be teaching French 11, English 8, and Spanish 7.  Yes, I am just that talented (apparently).
But I survived, even enjoyed most of the day, and now know that I can pretty much teach anything - which is a definitely plus when on call!
Tuesday and Friday I have a regular position, but I was called in to this same school  Wed & Thurs because the teacher that I cover on Tuesdays has the flu.  So tomorrow I am there as usual, either teaching French to all grades - my regular assignment - or with the year 5's again if Taryn is still not well.

Then Saturday Sam and I jet off to Scotland!!!! TGIF tomorrow, Scotland on Saturday - Man LIFE IS GOOD!!   =D

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