Monday, 4 October 2010

Glasgow: Day 3

Woke up and made ourselves a lovely breakfast before beginning our long journey home.
Stopped at the Celtics store on the way to the bus station (official fans).
George Square, City Chambers
Luckily decided to go to the bus early since we ended up at the wrong airport.. oops. Onto another bus then a train and finally arrive at the proper airport.  Wait around in the lounge of the tiniest airport ever (ok, bigger than CR, but still tiny).  Get on our flight back to London wondering how the tube strike is going to affect our voyage home.
City Hall
We arrive in London and head for the train - this is how we got to the airport - only to discover it costs 20 pounds! It would seem that we took it for free without realizing on Sat morning... so we head to the coach which will only cost us 10.  We soon discover that this price gap is due to the fact that the train takes about 35 minutes to get into the city, whereas the bus takes over 2 hours, fun times.  But we do get to a station that miraculously is open, and squeeze our way onto the tube.  Then switch to the line that will bring us all the way home and cram ourselves and our big backpacks into that one too... finally, about 3.5 hours later we are home! and it was ALL worth it!! We are already planning our next visit back to Scotland, Love It!!

PS: I learned this weekend that Scottish people are very friendly.  Unlike Londoners, they will strike up a conversation.  Like the lady on the train to the airport, for example.  Friendly old lady talking about how lovely the weather is... then the conversation went something like this:
"Aye, once I was on the train and saw a wee lad get killed.  Aye, cut his head right off. It flew right over to the other side of the tracks.  He was playing on the tracks, the wee lad.  Aye, shame, he had a lovely head of hair too.. Aye.."

Don't know why it's sideways :(
So they are friendly... and maybe a little crazy.


  1. Fantastic! Next trip Edinburgh!!! Promise I won't jump up and down and clap after each post:-) Just wanted to see
    if even old ladies can figure out how to post comment.

  2. Love the quote about the wee lad who lost his head and the lovely hair attached to it!

  3. yes, as the ladies I work with would say "she was a bit of a nutter"