Monday, 4 October 2010

Glasgow: Day 2

Auchentoshan distillery

Sunday morning we were perhaps a little slow to rise.  We made ourselves some breakfast and watched a movie at Kev's place.  Then we headed into town determined to do a distillery tour (we were in Scotland after all!).

So we jumped on a bus and went out into the country to Auchentoshan whiskey distillery.
The tour was about an hour long and very interesting.  Then came the whiskey tasting... Neither of us are huge fans of whiskey, to say the least, but we gave it a try... Some funny pics and video footage of the tasting (not sure if I can post video on here but I will try my best).

After the tour we waited for the bus driver to wake up from his nap then made our way back into the city.
For dinner we met up with 2 of our new friends from the night before on a mission to have a Scottish haggis dinner.  They treated us to some drinks and we found a good pub with haggis. Delicious!
Went home for a good night's sleep :) and saw a fox on the way home!

Glosgow accent confusion of the day:
talking about travelling to Paris for my birthday
Scot: So yous going to the Eiffel Tower
Michelle: no.. my birthday is the 25th of October
Scot: What? I said are you going to the Eiffel Tower
Michelle: oh, I thought you said is your birthday the 8th of October ...  ?  (oops)

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