Monday, 1 November 2010


What a day... Went out to a school I haven't been to before to teach year 4 (gr.3). The school is totally cute and I have high hopes for the day.  All over the school there are colorful murals from children's books with a quote from the book with each one.  They are all over the inside and outside of the school and are gorgeous. Roald Dahl, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter... and each class is named after an author too (not sure if they do activities around these or not?). I was in Rowling class and each table group was a family from the Harry Potter books.
But the kids....... bahhhhh would NOT stop talking ALL DAY! And not just normal chit chatty, they were practically yelling, and there were lots of them! Class sizes are HUGE over here! There was a TA in the class - which basically is a given here - and there was also another assistant who is assigned to one kid, but I swear sometimes they make things worse. I am trying to get the kids silent so I can explain something and I am waiting to everyone to stop talking but they keep talking answering questions from kids that I am waiting to explain to everyone at once so that we can avoid answering the same questions 30 times! So frustrating!!  I know that it is the first day back after a week break AND the day after Halloween but that did not stop me from having to take some deep breaths at the front of the class in order to calm myself enough not to grab a couple kids by collar and belt and do the old heave-ho out into the hallway...

But I survived, and now can enjoy some sweets, wine and KD (yummmm) before returning to my little angel class of 14 polite Brethren children tomorrow :D  We will be starting our study of the Ancient Greeks and moving toys in art. Life will be good again!


  1. Wow - your bad day sounds pretty much like an average day in my classroom! especially this week -post Halloween. I wouldn't mind some Brethren children myself!

  2. hahaha too funny!! Yes and they were fabulous, just as expected :) Can't wait to go tomorrow, they always make my Friday, 1 hour in each class doing a little French lesson then singing some good ol French songs! TGIF!!! oops, I mean THIF (thank heavens) ...actually, not even sure I'm really supposed to say that.. whatever, it's FRIDAY tomorrow! Lol