Friday, 25 February 2011

Here I Go Again On My Own

 As I write this, Mom and Chris are a few hours in to their long journey home. Wednesday turned out to be a dreary day. We went in to the city to watch the changing of the guards. Then we made our way to Leicester Square to get some cheap theatre tickets to a matinee show of We Will Rock You. It was great!

 We came back to Wimbledon for some dinner at Nandos, yummy!

Thursday the sun was out, which really made us notice all of the flowers coming up. Dare I say Spring is almost here?! Chris wasn`t feeling very good in the morning, but was a trooper because the last thing on Mom`s London To-Do list was the London Eye.  We got our tickets and what a ride! It is a 135m ferris wheel with views of the city from all sides. Although it moves so slowly you can barely tell that you are moving at all, it was a great experience.

We then walked toward Trafalgar Square and on to Picadilly Square, everyone has to at least see it! Then the last thing they really had to see was the Tower of London. So we jumped on the tube and walked across London Bridge, past the Monument and along the Thames to the Tower of London, all in the lovely sunshine!

One last true English pub dinner, then one last English Breakfast, and I escorted them to the airport this morning.

The weather was still holding out this morning so I went for a run (my body is still in shock) and decided to pull a few weeds in our front 'yard' in preparation for the flowers that have already started to come up. I cannot wait for spring and color and sunshine!!!
Now my week break is almost over and detox and exercise are definitely needed.  I have decided to do my best at making March a month of no sugar and no shopping... wish me luck!

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