Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Outside the Vatican

Valentine's Day <3

We jumped on the metro for the Vatican and met up with a tour guide for our tour of the Vatican. With my flight that evening we wanted to get the most out of this day and a tour is usually the best bet. Our tour guide was Canadian and very good. The Vatican is HUGE! Strange to pass through the metal detectors and security as you actually leave Rome when you enter Vatican City.

Vatican courtyard
We had another gorgeous day. The tour stared in a lovely courtyard, then wound through the Vatican museums which were filled with breathtaking paintings, sculptures and tapestries. One could spend months, even years, soaking in the beauty packed into these museums.  Of course the crowning jewel is the Sistine Chapel with its amazing frescoes.  Again, words and pictures cannot even begin to do justice!
Sistine Chapel
St Peter's Square
After the whirlwind tour we were tired, hungry and running short on time.We made a quick stop to see St Peter's Square before heading back towards the hotel.  I could not believe how big it is. It would certainly be quite the experience to be in that square when it is packed with people to see the Pope. It can hold almost a quarter of a million people!
We stopped at a pizzeria (but of course!) for some lunch, then I packed up my things and headed for the train station.  Made it back to London in time to get organized for work the next day and head to bed.
St Peter's Square

Today was a dreary drizzly day, welcome back to London.. I got called to work at a school tomorrow and Thursday called Bangamandhu.. not even joking. The agency told me to bring my A game, show up early etc.  They said that the school was contemplating not using this agency any more so they had to send in the big guns - apparently that is me? Good to know that they have faith in me, and good to know this is why I am getting lots of work, a little nervous what this school will bring. Got the "it could be tough" warning.  But it will go by quick enough. Mom and Chris arrive in London Thursday night. Friday we go to see Billy Elliot and Sunday we head to Paris for a couple nights. What a life!!

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