Friday, 4 February 2011

Swan Song

Another long week, worked every day this week ($$). Good for obvious reasons, not to mention that the other day I booked flights to Amsterdam in April for when cousin Devon comes to visit!! Also, tiring.

Thursday was quite the day. I woke up not as tired as I had expected after a late night at Phantom.  I got ready and waited to be called to work.  About 8:25 I was sitting on my bed reading my book and the agency called to say it was unexpectedly slow and I wouldn't get any work for the day. Oh well, I decided to keep reading for a bit. Called to make a hair appointment but they weren't open yet. About 20 minutes went by and I was just getting up to change into my gym clothes to go for a run and the phone rings. I am told that they have work for me and I need to leave asap. Luckily the school is nearby, one stop on the tube and about a 10 minute bus ride. 

Well after waiting 15 minutes for the bus, I am on my way and get there just after 9:30.  The class is lovely, I can't believe my luck! After playtime they are doing maths and there are a couple stinkers making too much noise, but nothing too out of the ordinary for a supply teacher. Finally I put the name of one boy on the board for messing around. After several warnings I tell him that he will have to stay in when the bell goes (while I try to find out this school's policy for misbehaviour). Well the bell goes and he starts getting belligerent saying he is not going to stay in. He is shouting at me. I send a TA to find a head teacher or someone who knows the school rules... By this time he is now yelling at me to F-off and is kicking over bins, just what I signed up for!

Anyhow, in the end he spent the afternoon with another teacher, I found out he swears at many teachers and that I got off easy with a little F-off, usually female staff get called worse... But without him in the class the rest of the kids were great and all in all it was actually a very enjoyable day.

After work I went for a quick run to blow off any extra steam, and I was still disappointed to have missed out on my morning run. Then it was time to get ready for the ballet!
I met Josephine and we went to the theatre in Wimbledom to see Swan Lake, by Raymond Gubbay and his Russian dance company. It was unbelievable. I have never seen anything like it. When the white swans first came out and the 18 of them are all dancing together it seriously made me want to cry it was that beautiful. The Swan Queen was simply stunning. And then the black swans all dance and it is breathtaking. I know it all sounds so cliche but it really is something I cannot even begin to describe.  I told my flatmates that until I actually give birth to a child, that will probably be one of the most amazing things I will have seen. I was in awe. Now Friday is here and I finally get to relax after a hectic week.

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