Sunday, 13 February 2011


Gelato on the Spanish Steps
Friday night I left my place just after 10 to go to Gatwick. My flight to Rome left before 7 making check in quite early and difficult to get to on transit, and pricy by taxi!
Found a nice little spot to curl up and got a little sleep. Slept about an hour at a time before getting sore and waking up to roll over and readjust. Just before 5 I decided to check in. Tried to get a little more rest while I waited to go to my gate. Flight went well and before I knew it my 2 hour flight was descending and I was in Roma!!

As soon as I got on the train I was thinking his feels like Mexico or Cuba! The air was warm :) on the train ride to town I even spotted some palm trees and even cactus! Now we're talking.

Higgly with gelato on the steps :)
Managed to get from the train to the hotel, checked in, mapped out what I wanted to see and headed out. Toured around the city and got some great photos. Took a break once I got to the Spanish steps and enjoyed some gelato. I brought a class mascot from my school - Higgly the elephant- since the kids thought it would be cool if he got to go on a trip. So I took Higgly's picture on the steps too! Walked a bit more til my feet started to hate me then went back to the hotel to await the arrival of Mom & Chris.

Trevi Fountain by night
Once they arrived we set out towards Piazza Navona for dinner in a pizzeria. They couldn't believe that after one afternoon I could pretty much find my way around. Guess I'm getting used to exploring on foot!

<3 Rome!

This morning we wanted to do the Ancient City. We jumped on a packed city bus to save some walking. A grubby little lady with her maybe 9 year old daughter and tiny baby got on just after us. Mom makes a comment about the baby as the lady squishes right in between us.

A few minutes later the lady behind me says watch your pockets. I reach for mine and all is good but realize I can't see the lady's hand under her baby blanket and she is pressed against Mom. I grabbed her hand, which was in mom's purse just as she pulls it out. Now I'm reefing on her hand and telling Mom her purse is unzipped. The guy behind me is now yelling and swearing at the gypsy about how she's a disgrace to the country. I tell Mom we're getting off this bus. As we step out she sees her wallet on the floor of the bus. We figure out later that by the time I grabbed the gypsy she already had the wallet and most likely passed it to the daughter who cleaned out the cash then dropped it on the flood of the commotion I was creating.

Welcome to Rome!! We were a little shaken, but nothing we could do..

Enjoyed another day of walking and saw all the big sights of the ancient city. Colosseum, Roman forum, Pantheon.. Amazing!

Colosseum in background and Roman Forum
Now we are tired and relaxing before a day at the Vatican tomorrow.

Colosseum by night with Constantine's arch
Love the Spanish Steps

Big wine, small beer?

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