Saturday, 19 February 2011

Packing my bags.. again

On Friday I set out in the morning knowing that I was not only going to my little oasis of a school, but also that it would be an extra easy day. The last day before term break and teaching 1 hour French lessons! The older kids all had little brochures they were working on and the younger ones were learning colours = 1 hour of colouring! Wonderful day. And to top it off, I had something to look forward to at the end of the day too. After work I met Mom and Chris in town and we went for a little walk, had some dinner, then went to the theatre to see Billy Elliot. This is one of the shows that is always highly reviewed and was at the top of my personal must-see list. Definitely was not disappointed! It was fantastic.
Today the London rain returned. We went in to the city and walked around the British museum for awhile, then braved Oxford Street. Enjoyed a little delivery back home and now we are packing our bags for a couple nights in Paris <3

Special Birthday wishes to a loyal blog follower, Happy Birthday Marge! Can't wait to meet Maggie, Mom and Chris absolutely loved their tour of Parliament.

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