Thursday, 17 February 2011

TGIF (tomorrow)!!!!

Oh man... today was an adventure in itself!
Start the day heading out to the same school I was at yesterday. Kids are a little unruly, but school is quite nice, though on the other side of town.  I am almost there, but one tube change away and a short walk. EXCEPT the tube is delayed because a train broke down up the line and is going to be 15 minutes. No worries, I know that I can jump on another line and the walk is a little longer but I have plenty of time. I quickly call the agency to let them know and get the new walking directions. Directions are "Stepney Green station: walk up Globe Rd. Left on Portland Rd...." Sounds easy enough. Except I go out of the station and start walking 'up' the road and up and walking still and now am at the next tube station?? I call the agency and they spend a good 10 minutes trying to figure out where I am as I explain to them where I have come from, how far I walked and the crossroads I am standing on. Now time is ticking away, and I am thankful I left early.
They finally figure out where I am and tell me to turn around. Apparently I have gone North when I was supposed to go East. Oh, my bad, I left my compass at home this morning! So they are still telling me go up Globe Rd. I say "Aren't I ON Globe Rd??"  The response, "No you had to turn left on Globe Rd". Now I LOSE IT!! Your directions say go up Globe Rd, they do not say turn out of the station then TURN LEFT on Globe Rd! I finally back track basically all the way to the station I started at, it is now close to 8:30, and they finally get me proper directions so I can get to the school. Now the fun really begins...
I get transfered to someone else at the agency who now begins sternly lecturing me and telling me I better apologize for being late. How the head is calling them asking where I am since I was there the day before why am I late. I need to go in and apologize and I am making the agency look bad by being late.  Ummmmmm SORRY??!!? Do you not think I realize that I am going to be late? I wasn't exactly lounging in my jammies all morning enjoying a nice cappuccino and freshly baked muffin. I was running between tube platforms trying to get there on time, I was working up a sweat walking around the city. YOU are making ME look bad because you are unable to give proper walking directions.
Of course this was all in my head.  What really happened was I started crying and finally shouted into my phone "I REALIZE I SHOULDN'T BE LATE, CAN YOU STOP SCREAMING AT ME" and then I hung up.. But at least they got the point and later on they felt bad and apologized.
Oh, I bet you think that is where my bad day ended. Well, you would be wrong. Kids are haywire.. whatever, nothing new. Until the afternoon, when one kid who was being annoying all day suddenly makes annoying noises and starts flailing slightly. I am about to really lay into him until I realize he is now on the floor having a seizure. Fabulous. I get the rest of the kids out of the class and instruct the TA's to get someone to help ASAP.
I survive the day, only to make a nearly 2 hour journey home due to signal failure delays on the tube... Just peachy.

And the lesson learned in all of this you ask?
ALWAYS check the calendar and book off full moon days! Bahh...

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