Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Angel of Music

So my last week was not super exciting. Worked a lot again. I had a long weekend since I didn't get called in on Monday, but then worked everyday after that at my regular school and in my regular class. The teacher that I cover for on Tuesdays is soon due to go on maternity leave and was feeling poorly. Which meant a great week for me! Friday night the Impact Canadian teachers crew all got together at a friend's place for a few beverages. I don' think I will ever drink again when I get back to Canada and see the prices compared to here! I bought a 4 pack of Strongbow cider for less than 4 quid, and still have leftovers for next time ;) Yes, I am officially becoming an old lady!

Saturday I spent the day with Josephine having coffee, brunch, a little shopping, we met up with Angela and saw a matinee - Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd in How Do You Know. Then we went to a great Japanese restaurant in Wimbledon. Delicious!! All around great day. On Sunday the sun finally broke through the grey clouds we have been having lately so I spent most of the day just walking. Walked over to Colliers Wood, then went to Tooting Broadway for a bit and around Wimbledon before it finally started to get dark!
This week I have worked everyday so far, so I am sitting here half dressed and ready to go this morning torn as usual.  Want to work to get more money, but also have a bunch of things I would rather get done today... so either way is fine with me.
Last night after work I met up with Jo, Christine and Jen to see Phantom of the Opera. It was amazing. All of the productions here are so well done that I really don't think I could go to one and not enjoy it.  Chicago was definitely more my thing, a little more lively, but still great to go to the show. And it is a busy week, tonight Jo and I are heading to Swan Lake, which is playing in Wimbledon so hopefully not quite as late of a night.
PHANTOM! Christine pretended to get mad, bu how can anyone resist putting out their 'piano hands' every time the famous DAAAA DA DA DA DA DAAAAA is played?? I would challenge anyone to resist!

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  1. I saw Phantom in Vancouver a few summers was amazing...would love to see Swan Lake one day too..glad you're having fun with all the cultural outings.