Sunday, 23 January 2011

Razzle Dazzle em!

Another busy week in London. I worked 4 days this week. Monday I got called out to a school in Brixton and was warned 1) grab an umbrella, it's really coming down out there and 2) this could be a tough class.  Neither are things that you especially want to hear on a Monday morning, and definitely not when your umbrella broke the previous week on a long walk to the train station...

So I got to the school just as the rain was actually soaking through my thick winter jacket and was thankful that I had worn pants that were the right colour so you couldn't tell they were actually soaking wet until recess time.
The class I was in was a year 5 class and they weren't as bad as I had prepared myself for, but they were loud. Not the most polite and not necessarily the most scholarly (I was asked several times, and in all seriousness, if there were dragons in Canada).  We started the morning with some literacy reading a portion of Robin Hood. After recess we did some work on triangles in numeracy and then the student teacher was doing her first lesson with them in Religious Education.  She had been talking to the kids for about 10 minutes, mostly reviewing what they had learned previously about Christianity, when the little girl sitting beside me turns and asks me, "Miss, are we talking about Robin Hood?" To which I had to respond, "No, we're talking about Jesus." Oh well, we can't all grow up to be astronauts...

Thursday I was in a year 3 class in another tough school, but my friend Josephine was also at that school the same day so it was nice to have someone to chat to at lunch.

On Wednesday I had the day off.  It worked out well because I was going to see Chicago with Josephine and Christine that evening, so I made my way into the city in the afternoon and walked around taking some photos on a rare some-what sunny day. We all met up for dinner then went to the show. We had gotten discount tickets online for 15 pounds. Obviously not front row, but good deal for a popular show.  When we arrived, however, we were told that our seats had been upgraded. We went from upper balcony to stalls - 13th row! It was awesome and the show was amazing!! So much fun.

The rest of the week we were a little bagged from our late night, but it was worth it! We have already booked tickets to go see the Phantom next week and can't wait :)

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