Thursday, 2 September 2010

Falling into Place...

Well the past few days have been kind of hectic... I am still at the hostel and have been concentrating on finding a place to live (so I can leave the hostel!).  On Tuesday I made my way to the Impact office for my meeting to go over the details and get everything organized to begin working.  While there, a girl walks up to me and says, "Do you have a place to live?"  "No"  "I have a place with 2 other girls from Canada,wanna live with us?"   "Yes, yes I do".. is pretty much how it went.
So I got details from her so I could check the place out, and meanwhile was setting up appointments to view other places a little closer to the city blah blah.
Went to view one place and discovered just how cut throat the London rental market is.  My viewing involved meeting at the place along with half a dozen other people, being given a basic tour and adding my name, age, profession etc to a long list of others who had also seen the place.  From there the tenants get to hand pick their "perfect match". In other words it could take FOREVER to find a place!! So the next day I arranged to see the 'Canadian' shared flat. It is Fabulous!!! Such a nice neighbourhood, close to anything you could possibly need, clean and available ASAP!! Sign Me Up :)

So today we all met (for the first time) tried, not so successfully, to scrounge up enough cash to pay the landlord and sign the papers. Move in day is TOMORROW!!   :)  Which is also the day of my first interview for a 2 day/week position, if I can find the school.  Another busy day tomorrow, but glad to have a more permanent place to sleep with my own key.

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