Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Where time began..

No one got 'the call' this morning, so after doing some laundry the four roomies were trying to find a way to ward off cabin fever.  So naturally I asked them if they would like to join me in a journey to where time began..... and off to Greenwich we went!

nice walk.. before the hill

view from the top of the hill

our 'gift' to Greenwich (from Canada)
Greenwich is a small suburb to the southeast of London which contains the prime 'zero' meridian.  And of course Greenwich Mean Time is th basis of standard time, hour zero! We got some lovely shots of the hike up to the zero meridian, standing on the meridian, and of course a west vs. east roomie shot!

On the zero meridian :)

West side is the Best side!!

There is also a small market that we checked out before getting back on the train and heading for some nice home cooked pub food in our neighbourhood :)

bangers & mash = heavenly


  1. Bangers and Mash looks disgusting!!

  2. hahaha I agree, but damn it tastes delicious!!!!