Saturday, 4 September 2010


My street
So after more than a month of being a nomad I have a place to live!!! It is a great house that I am sharing with 3 other Canadian girls all working for Impact Teachers :)  We moved in yesterday and started getting the things we need to feel at home here in London.  We don't yet have internet, hopefully Tuesday, but everything is falling into place.

Our Place!
Yesterday I also had an interview for a part time job.  My goal here was to work supply (substituting) in  order to keep a flexible schedule for travelling. But this job came up and they thought of me so I figured I'd go for it.  It is Tuesdays and Fridays at a small private school of about 60 students from grades 3-6. Yes that means SMALL classes, the largest has 18 kids :) It is a religious school, so I have to wear a skirt (hello shopping!).  I am covering the gr 5 class on Tuesdays for the teacher's prep time, teaching them geography and art. On Fridays I will go to all of the classes in turn and teach them core french (intro to french).  This job is more than enough to cover all of my bills which means any supply I do on other days of the week can all go towards my travel fund =D
Pretty excited everything is falling into place, so far so GREAT!

Angela and I celebrating our first night in the new place with a couple (few..) Goblets of wine:)

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