Sunday, 12 September 2010

Which way to the beach?!

Our first weekend with the house to ourselves all settled in... so we get up to no good ;)

seems like a good idea?
Friday was Angela's birthday so we started with some innocnt festivities at the house. The usual- present, cake, tiddly winks with wine shots.. no big deal.  Then when we were out of wine we decided to head to our new 'local pub', The Grove, for dinner.  It was Brazilian night at The Grove so we hung around til night time rolled arond and got some free ramba dancing lessons :)

at The Grove with bartender Joel

Saturday was a bit more of a recouperating day, just a lazy day at home.

Sunday morning we set our alarms and jumped on a morning train to Brighton on the coast.  We spent the day wandering along the beach, had lunch at a beachside pub and made our way to the Royal Pavillion.  There was some sort of festivity going on as the town was over run with bikers and all their bikes.  Some roads were closed off too with food stands and live music.  Weather was beautiful and it was great to smell the ocean air again, definitely a spot we will be visiting again.

beach  *sigh*

me Sam Angela

Brighton Pier

Royal Pavillion

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  1. Hmmm..Bartender Joel comments/photos seem to be popping up quite regularly...any juicy stories to share?

  2. ....unfortunately not Lol Pretty sure he now thinks we are crazy!