Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood :)

I am writing this post on my couch in my jammies!!!!! YAY We have internet in our house now!! :)

So today was my first day of work, much needed after a 9 week summer vacation! Getting into a routine is nice.  Yesterday roomie Sam and I checked out a local gym, great facilities, nice views ;) We will definitely be motivating each other to hang out there.
Today I got up early to head to work with transport a little unpredictable with a tube strike on. But I made it to work and felt like I was right back into the swing of things.

Tuesday I cover year 5 (gr.4) while their teacher has admin time. I teach them geography and art on this day.  It is a class of 14 and they are great kids, quite entertaining! Fridays I will be going into each of the 4 classes that make up the school to teach french.  Each class has a Teacher Assistant to help with any of those pesky tasks I don't feel like doing, and every class also has a smart board! (our school in cr had one.. and we were cutting edge!)  Even has a colour photo copier! I know, space aged!! haha 
Of course, the biggest learning curve is getting used to a new schedule and all of the little daily routine things that they take for granted but I need to learn.

After school I met the roomies at the local pub just down the road from our place where we had some drinks and got to know our new pal Joe the bartender. We are all settling in nicely as I have started this job and each of the roomies has gotten calls to start some supply jobs. Things are good :)

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