Sunday, 26 September 2010

Off to the Races!!

Another chill Friday movie night for me and Angela (Sam & Heather met new Aussie friend from last week at a pub). I was feeling a little run down, having been hit with allergies, and Ang was feeling a little tight for cash, so we stayed in. Things are slowly picking up and this week was the first week to see everyone get work. I am working my steady 3 days/week and am hoping to pick up some extra days soon. Sam finally had her hard copy of BC criminal record check arrive so she could work and ended up with 2.5 days this week. Heather got 2 days and Angela got one.

Saturday we chilled around the house most of the day. I walked in to Wimbledon for a bit, got some used books etc, just got out of the house for a bit. Then Ang and I decided to hit the races!
We walked to Wimbledon and hopped on a bus to Wimbledon staium for the greyhound races. We got in for free and got a £3 drink voucher thanks to the coupon I found in the paper :) (Laugh all you want...)

It was great, we walked in and the crowds were huge! Tons of people mingling about, placing bets, eating and drinking. A definite night out activity for Londoners. Everything from the high-betting professionals to kids birthday parties.
 Angela and I headed outside to watch trackside for the first bit and it is pretty unreal. The 'hare' whizzes past and scares the crap out of you, followed closely by the 6 dogs in the race who are unbelievable to watch! There are races every 15minutes and 13 in total. It was definitely quite the experience! All the dogs have great names and their stats are all printed up in the book they give you upon entrance. Of the first 4 races, the dog I 'picked' won 3 times! But then my strategy of choosing based on the coolest name showed some flaws by the end of the night...

We watched a few races trackside, then got some dinner and ate in the stands. After that we were pretty cold so we grabbed a spot to watch from inside. A group was just leaving after celebrating Alfie's 11th birthday, and they told us to help ourselves to the left over cake (2 pieces!).... so we did :) It was delicious!

All in all, a great new experience. Ang and I are pretty sure we could win big if we keep going to the races and figure out what the stats mean! haha

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