Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Restoration of Faith

Pretty normal week so far. My regular school finally opened back up after the snow, and it was nice to see the kids again. I have to admit that out in Carshalton they do have quite a bit more snow than we got in Wimbledon - the ground is still covered by snow out that way. The sidewalks are also covered in a nice thick layer of uneven ice which makes the walk to the bus stop/train station quite interesting for us... But as no one drives that way (about a 5 min drive, 20 min walk), we still have to slide our way.
Yesterday is the day that made me want to write this post, however. I got sent to a school quite close to where I live, it took hardly any time to get there. Which I didn't know so I arrived crazy early. As soon as the kids arrived they were joking with me, and when I began the register (attendance) they all quieted down quite well and I thought to myself - this is going to be a great day! You would think that by now I would never have these thoughts because I clearly jinx myself all of the time.. But on this day I was right!! They were just normal kids, they respected their teachers and TA's, they were caring and curious. The TA was great too. I stayed in with the kids at break, they couldn't go outside because of the ice on the playground, and she brought be a mug of tea. At lunch I sat in with them and watched some Tom and Jerry. It was like a day with kids from back home. And my faith in the English children was restored :)  We watched some Christmas movies at the end of the day because their PE was cancelled and some even made me Christmas cards and a few decorated some paper airplanes and gave them to me (we had done an activity with paper airplanes earlier in the day. With any other class I would have been cursing the teacher to leave this with a supply, but again, it went really well).
Lovely day.  And my excitement grows because tomorrow I am going to the theater with friends Christine and Josephine. We are going to a pantomime of Peter Pan. If you don't know what a pantomime is (which I didn't) read about them on wikipedia, ( sounds hilarious. But the best part is that Hook is played by none other than......... David Hasselhoff!!! hahaha    Can't wait :)

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