Sunday, 5 December 2010

I am a student of the blog....

Ok, before I get to my weekend I have exciting news! I think I have figured out how to make it so that you don`t need a google account to leave comments. Yes, I realize this news is mostly only exciting to me, but this is my blog and I can share my excitement if I want to :) Now I will see who my real friends are.... (just kidding).

Now, back to real news... Friday my regular lovely school was closed for snow, once again. And, no, we had not actually gotten any new snow, they just decided it was too difficult to go to school, so why bother.  I was looking at my bank account and looking at info on Geneva (apparently the 6th most expensive city IN THE WORLD) and was beginning to feel the twinges of panic... So I tried my best to make my agency feel guilty about my lack of work situation due to the inability of London to function in cold weather..? aaannnd SUCCESS! haha They found me a day of work! I went to a school way over on the East side, near Bow Station for those of you with a map handy. It was a nice little school with nice little children and nice, helpful TA`s and was overall a great way to end a hectic week! After work I met up with Angela in the city and we fought our way down Oxford Street over to Leicester Square for a nice Friday dinner.
Christine with amazing cake

This is a cake!!?
Saturday Angela and I met up with Josephine and Christine who had each won 2 tickets to a Taste of Christmas festival, and invited us to join them. We made our way to the Excel centre where they had this festival set up. It was basically a Christmas themed `home show`.  They had a huge arena-type area filled with stalls each selling their wares, and most providing samples :) Sausage, cheese, chocolate, fudge, wine, ginger wine, bread, brownies, chutney, salsa, jam, chips and dip..... It goes on and on. Needless to say we were full by the time we left and in a festive spirit!
Angela with another crazy cake
Jo with her ``famous`` chef friend :P

Cake sample? Yes please!!

Jo had not yet been to the Cologne German market near the London Eye and wanted to check it out, so we made a pit stop and walked through that market before heading for home.  After resting our feet and digesting our samples, Jo invited Angela and I over to their place to watch *gasp* TV!!! It goes without saying, that after 3 months without even an actual telly in the house we were excited to watch one that had cable too! So we got our warm socks and boots back on and walked over for a late night movie of Slumdog Millionaire :)

Sunday I actually motivated myself for a morning run, then spent most of the day relaxing at home. Another lovely weekend in London. Countdown is on to holidays and Switzerland :)

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  1. Sweet, it smart you are Michelle....sounds like you're having a wonderful time overseas..always looking forward to reading about your next adventure. The german Christmas markets are really cool...they have one in Vancouver this winter and can't wait to check it out. Have an awesome time in Switzerland. Happy Holidays.