Thursday, 2 December 2010

London Lights

our snowy home
So what do we think of the new background?? I'm liking the warm brown :) haha

Well this week started out a little rough. I was feeling a little run down, tired, fighting off a bit of a cold and with all the holiday stuff around started to feel a little homesick. I was warned about the 3 month mark being when homesickness can kick in... But I have some great friends from home who have kept in touch and after a few chats was feeling quite a bit better, made some plans for this weekend and things we really looking up after my ordeal of a day on Tuesday.
The London Eye
Wednesday was another snow day, many schools still closed. This morning I was booked to work and got a call in the morning that my school - and 10 others! - were closed for snow again. This time it actually did snow some more over night at least. I was told to jump back in bed, but keep my clothes close in case something came in. This basically meant, go back to sleep, you won't be working today, since most days they ask repeatedly "Ok, so you're all ready to go right? Ready to leave as soon as I call you with something right?" So back to bed I went.
It snowed on and off today as well, giving us a grand total of about 2 inches here!! I know, crazy times!!
Trafalgar Square tree

After going to the gym and relaxing most of the day I was feeling the onset of cabin fever (I could never make it in an isolated village!). I knew that the Norwegian tree in Trafalgar Square was being lit tonight and I have been meaning to get some night pics of the city, so I went upstairs to convince Angela to come with me. Turns out she was feeling the fever too and wanted to get out of the house!
Me & Ang with the tree :)
We headed to see the German Christmas market set up by the London Eye first. Then made our way to the lighting of the Trafalgar Square tree and then caught a bus up to Oxford Street to really take in all the Christmas lights we could! It was beautiful! Great night in the city :)

Big Ben

Houses of Parliament & Big Ben

Oxford Circus

Pretty lights :)

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