Monday, 28 March 2011

Land of Castles and Dragons

Made it through another work week, which means only two more to go before our two week term break. Friday night Christine and Josephine had some people over for a games night. We had a great game of Taboo.  Some very funny moments!

Cardiff Castle
Saturday we were up early. Andi came up from Plymouth and we went on a day trip to Wales by coach.  It was a very nice trip.  Our coach, however, was not full of the most intelligent or considerate people, and we seemed to get further and further behind schedule as people showed up late to
each meeting time, which meant that our free time at each stop kept getting cut.

Unofficial Wales supporters

Wales supporters

Our first stop was Cardiff, the capital of Wales.  This is a place with more castles per square mile than anywhere else in Europe. We got in to Cardiff just after lunch time and it was a zoo! There was traffic and people everywhere. Turns out it was game day. England v Wales meant that Cardiff looked like Vancouver during the Olympics, but this was just a regular weekend football match.  Fans were strutting the colours of Wales, kiosks were set up selling game gear, roads were closed off, big screens were set up and pubs had queues running out onto the streets.  The other noticeable difference, once again, is that public drinking is allowed.  So fans are wandering down the streets beers in hand.  Which may seem practical, since everyone wants a brewsky on game day, but it becomes quickly apparent why we do not allow this in Canada when a group of England supporters strut by and suddenly curses are being shouted, and beers are being thrown.

Caerphilly Castle
We wandered around town for about an hour, our allotted free time, then made our way back to the coach and were off to Caerphilly Castle.  This is the second largest fortress in the UK, outsized only by Windsor Castle. It was beautiful.  As we were gawking around like tourists a very high class (and pricey, I'm sure!) wedding was being held at the castle.

After the castle, we made our way back to London and got home exhausted from the long day.  Our trip was enjoyable, but I would say that Wales might be just too far for this kind of day trip.  If you wanted to feel less rushed go it on your own with a very early train/bus and expect to get home late.
Daffodils, national flower of Wales

Sunday Josephine and Andi and I went to Camden Market, as neither of them had been yet.  We wandered around the stalls, had a cheap and delicious lunch, tried out best to resist all the delicious treats and finally said goodbye to Andi who had to head to her home far far away. Josephine and I caught a matinee of Limitless to cap off another great weekend.

Like I mentioned before, two more weeks until term break when my cousin is coming to visit me and we will be exploring Amsterdam and Edinburgh during her visit.

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