Thursday, 17 March 2011

The darndest thing

When I decided to move to London to teach everyone seemed to already know that the children were terrible and that it rained constantly here.  Well, I have to say, they were wrong about the rain! It actually rains nothing here compared to home! In the almost 7 months I have been here, I have seen what I now call "Canada-style" rainy days (an entire day of downpour) maybe twice.  In the summer/fall there would be 20 minute downpours where you could literally take cover under a tree and wait it out. And in the winter it seems to be mostly just gray with some drizzle here and there.
But the kids.... well that is another story. No, not all are bad, but here is a little tale from Monday afternoon.

Monday I get sent to a nice school nearby. I have been to this school several times and enjoy going there. This day is even better because my good friend is doing supply there too so we get to hang out at lunch and chat.  We decide that the day was draining enough to warrant a Starbucks visit at the end of the day :) We are walking from the school to catch the bus, and a small child is coming toward us on the sidewalk riding a scooter.  He looks to be maybe 4 years old. He is in the middle of the sidewalk on his scooter, like most people in London he shows no intent of moving aside.  We have spent the day playing with kids so jokingly I go "Whoa, Look out! haha" In a big dramatic fashion, normal playing with kids. Well as we pass him we distinctly hear a but "F*!@% YOU" and more mumbled cursing directed at us from the child.  We stop in our tracks and look back at the kids who is clearly giving us a death glare. We do some nervous laughter and keep on walking totally in shock of what has just happened.

What a lovely British child...
Starbucks was all the more deserved!

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