Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tour Day!

Slept fairly well last night trying to slowly overcome the jet lag from the 8 hour time difference.  The Hotel provides a "traditional English breakfast", which was interesting.  Consisted of eggs, sausage, bacon (aka slice of pan fried ham), cooked tomato, canned beans and toast. Holy protein!!
Changing of guard heading to inspection

After that hearty meal I was ready to journey out on the streets. Headed to the Wellington Arch where a free walking tour began.  The 2.5 hour tour took us all over the West end including sights like  Constitution Hill, Buckinghman Palace, changing of the guards, St. James' Place, Horseguards, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, etc.  It was great, definitely recommend it!

Big Ben

Houses of Parliament

London Eye
On the tour I met a girl from PEI and we then went to the London Eye but the line was much too long.. so we jumped on the tube and headed to a 'festival' I had heard of in Notting Hill.  Turns out this is the Nottin Hill Carnival and it is TOTALLY insane!! Not exaggerating, I'm talking about a couple million people wandering around Notting Hill which has been completely closed off for the occasion.  I should mention that it is legal to drink in public here, so the majority of the crowd was drunk and wandering the streetrs with drink in hand.  It is a Carribbean carnival with big floats blasting music, food everywhere, garbage convering the streets and drunk people dancing amid it all! Definitely an experience.

Notting Hill Carnival, people as far as the eye can see!

Finally made my way back to the hotel feeling exhilirated and exhausted.  Another great day in the city :)

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