Saturday, 28 August 2010

First day in the City

Spent a good portion of the day struggling with jet lag until it was late enough to call home and let the rents know I suvived the trip (8am for them, 4pm for me). Then it was time to face the streets on my own! Headed out the door and realized after about 3 blocks that I had gone the complete opposite way I was trying for...
After a quick loop around the block I was feeling even more disoriented.  I really wanted to get my bearings before meeting for a free walking tour tomorrow.  So I grabbed some fruit and sat on a bench to figure out the map. Saw a city worked, pointed over my shoulder and asked ``Is that the Marble Arch?`` he said `yes`` and I was on my way!
Worked my way around Hyde Park (which  I have totally mastered now) and was even asked for directions, and could give them! haha
After some strange glances figured out maybe I should walk on the lft side of the sidewalk.  Couldn`t help but stare at the guys walking down the road drinking beer.. but otherwise really didn`t feel like I was on the other side of the Earth :)
just bought the umbrella when the rain came down!
Bridge over the Serpentine
Even found my way back to the hotel at the end.  All in all a successful day.  Now it is 7:30 pm here, 11:30 am at home... and I am sooo ready for bed!
Marble Arch

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