Monday, 6 June 2011

Return of the Rains

The last few days of break I tried to fit in as much down time as possible.  On Thursday we had our weekly `dinner`, though this time it was more of a late lunch.  I had to head in to the city in the morning to apply for my visa for India, then we had our picnic theme lunch. Spinach dip, frittata, fresh strawberries, another culinary success!

Friday Josephine and I met up at a nearby mall and went to see the Hangover Part II. Enjoyed a good laugh!! Late that evening I was thinking how I wanted to spend my last weekend of break. I was also looking at how few weekends I have left in England. They are quickly being filled with my final trips and training for my India trip and everything else that seems to take up weekends and make them pass by all too quickly.  I looked at the weather forecast and saw that the sun was going to be shining on Saturday, but that the weather was supposed to change for Sunday. So I thought a day at the beach for some me time was in order. I found some great discounted tickets to Brighton where I could really enjoy the sunshine. I got up early Saturday morning and went for a quick run before heading to the train station. I was in Brighton by 10:30. The day was phenomenal. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze and the beach was full of happy people enjoying everything the beach has to offer.
Brighton Pier
I have really started to believe that where you grow up is forever imprinted on your soul. I love London, and all that it has to offer as a place to live, but I feel like a part of me is missing when I am away from the sea. I felt so at peace just me, the sea, and my book. It was just what I needed to feel refuelled to make it through another 4 weeks of work. It also helped that I had received some good news that morning, I have a job interview for a posting in Comox! Even if I don`t get this job, it is always good to have interviews and know that my resume is being looked over and considered. That being said, I will still cross my fingers (and hope you will too) that I get a job and can stop being broke sometime soon!
Now break is over, the rain is coming down outside - another part of home I miss, especially after the record-breaking dry months we`ve been having over here - and it looks like I have the day to myself to prepare for my interview this evening. Then I am booked to work the rest of the week as the countdown is on until our trip to Spain in 4 weeks.

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