Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Just a Good Day

Yup, that's it, just a plain old good day. Nothing exciting here.

Woke up this morning not really feeling the whole 'work' thing. So I ate my cereal and started to get some things checked off my to-do list. It was after 7:00 and I hadn't heard from my agency, but I hadn't actively called in either. About twenty after my phone rang. It was them. Asking if I was available. I was.
They thought they had a day for me so I was not to go back to bed. Which I took as my cue to actually get out of bed and somewhat in my 'ready-to-go' state that I claim to be in every morning when I call in for work.  Ten minutes later I was out the door on my way to teach in year 3 for the day (you may remember this class from an earlier post - the ruler-wielding child).

On my bus ride to the school my phone rang again. The agency had switched me to year 1 as they now needed a supply too and the next person their list was more suited to year 3 than 1, and since I can do anything (not my words..) I got the year 1. Sounds good to me! I know that those who know me back home would think - Michelle, preferring kindergarten?? Yes, that's right. Why? Because they are inherently sweeter, they have had less time to be corrupted.

The kids start to arrive in the class and most are asking me my name. This might not seem important, but when supplying I have learnt that this is always a good sign. If they are investing the energy into knowing your name, things are looking up. One little boy took it upon himself to tour me around the class and show me all the rules - how to reward and punish them if they were good / bad.
Then a little girl comes up to me and says, "Do you know what happened the weekend before last weekend?"
"No, what happened?"
"The weekend before last weekend, on Sunday, it was my mum's birthday". This is cute. Every once in awhile I can see why people have little people.

The day went really well. The kids were sweet and well behaved, and the tattle-tale count was kept to a bearable level.
The sunshine was also out today. I took a long walk home, then got changed and went for another walk around Wimbledon. On my way home I stopped to get some groceries and as I was looking for a basket I hear, "Hey Vancouver! How are we doing?" A fellow Canadian had spotted my Canucks t-shirt (thank you Chris!) and came up to ask what was happening and when the next game was on so she could watch - that would be 1:00am our time tomorrow... I am seriously considering taking Thursday off to I can stay up Wednesday night and watch.

And there you have it. Just a simple good day. Gotta love them when they come.

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