Monday, 6 June 2011

I GOT HIRED!!!!!!!!!

My very first skype interview today, I was a little nervous.  I don't mind interviews much and usually do okay, but this one was getting postponed, and I was sitting in my interview make up, blouse, sweater and sweatpants, patiently waiting for my skype to ring.
Finally it did. I answered and there sat my two interviewers. One to ask questions in English and the other in French. The first thing they say to me is "Just to let you know, we shaved our heads last week for charity, Jump Rope for Heart. We're not running a skinhead school over here!". And just like that I thought - I'm gonna like these guys! The interview was super relaxed, well as much as interviews can be. Everything went fairly smoothly and they seemed to like me. I then had to answer a question via email in French just to be sure I wasn't bluffing my abilities. I sent it in and they told me that they had already done a few interviews and would hopefully get back to me soon. As in later that day!
So I had my dinner, watched a movie, and finally it was after 10 so I brushed my teeth, washed my face and jumped in to bed. Was just about to turn off my lamp and turn my phone to sleep mode when I hear an email come in. "Hi Michelle, are you still by your computer, I have one more question for you."
"Umm.. yes, I'm just getting my things sorted for work"
"Can you come on skype again?"
I put on a bra, settle for my Canucks shirt (nothing to lose now!) and swab on a little mascara in an attempt to not look totally scary.  He asks me to pay up my BC College of Teachers - which I did 2 weeks ago! - because he wants to offer me a full time job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!
He says "So tell your Mom you're coming home!"
Needless to say, I doubt I will be getting much sleep tonight, but I am one happy camper!  :)

And PS: he liked the shirt!

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