Saturday, 25 June 2011

Add that to the resume!

Interesting week! Monday I was at my regular school and continued on my 'Biscuits' unit for Design and Technology. This means I get to bake cookies every week :)  My TA, Claire, and I decided we deserve some too, so we always make our own batch (watching the kids, we know we don't want to risk ingesting theirs!)
Tuesday I did not get called in, but was not all that heart broken as it was a nice day and I wanted to go into the city, plus I already had bookings for Wednesday and Friday. I went to the Winston Churchill War Rooms first. A very interesting exhibition. I still find it hard to believe that I walk around all the time in places where bombs actually fell during WWII. So crazy.
After, as I was walking down the sidewalk past St James' Park, I pass a family of tourists with 2 small kids.  They are most likely from the States, as the father says to one son, "That is another thing that is different between England and the US, hardly anyone here carries a gun!" I tried my best not to laugh. He was saying this because they had just walked past the armed guards at Downing Street.
Then, just as I was about to cross Downing Street this fancy Land Rover comes speeding up and turns in. The armed guards rush to swing open the gates and I stand on the corner glad I didn't get creamed.  But I did get a glimpse inside and I am pretty sure it was the PM! Cool! I also have a suspicion that it was him because the last time I walked past this gate a delivery van drove up and the guards pointed their guns at the poor driver until be showed them the electronic delivery thing that said what he was dropping off. So the guy that got let straight in had to be someone pretty important.
Then as I made my way towards Oxford Street I got stuck in the crowd of the changing of the guards.. oh London, you never know what you will run into!

Wednesday I got a message from David Swiss' brother Pascal saying that he and his girlfriend were in London to see Kings of Leon in Hyde Park on Thursday. I thought, why not? On Thursday when my phone rang for work, I told them I was unavailable, and felt a small pang of guilt, but shrugged it off knowing I was already booked for work Friday. Well, karma has a way of instantly levelling for me, so it was only a few hours later that I got a message saying that my Friday booking had been cancelled but if I was 'feeling better' they would try to find me something else - damn. Ah well, I was going to see Kings of Leon!!
A little rain won`t stop us!
The concert was great, though a little rowdy. They had a bunch of great opening acts and we only got rained on once for about 10 minutes. I got home not too late, so that I could be ready to be on call in the morning.
Kings of Leon!!!

Friday morning, just when I was giving up hope for work that day, my phone rings. A new girl at the agency says "I have a bit of a strange booking for you today" ok? "Can you cover a reception?" Now I am confused. Over here they call kindergarten reception, and I have done this before. So I am telling her, sure I can do that, when she says, "Ok cool. Yeah so you`ll just be like answering phones and transferring calls" Um, pardon? I'm going to be a receptionist?? Alright, this could be interesting. And at least it means that I won't have a class of 30 kids asking why my eyes look bloodshot from being so tired.

I spend the day at a huge academy school answering phones, transferring the calls and typing up kids' files into an excel spreadsheet. But mostly I chat with another girl from Canada who is also covering and is being given no extra work despite them having called me in, so neither of us can really figure out why I am there. But they day was quite enjoyable and I now know what I can do if I ever become too cranky to teach.

Me & Christine - Cotton Eye Joe
Claire & Pina
On the way home, I grab some wine and veg & hummus - my contribution to Just Dance Wii night!! We have a few young teachers and TAs at my regular school, so we all decided it was high time we got together on a weekend. Georgie invited us all over to play the most amazing game ever invented, Just Dance. We had so much fun dancing up a sweat and laughing our faces off. I will miss these girls!
Me & Georgie
The Girls :)

Me & Maverick!

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