Sunday, 22 May 2011

Out and About

Another 5 day work week, man this could get tiring. Oh wait. After this week we have another week off for half term break. I guess I can make it until then.

Trafalgar Square
This week was rather nice. Christine's steak dinner was delicious. Thursday was our first attempt at our new "Come Dine With Me" night, also a success. Christine, Josephine, Jen and I decided that the only way we would make some decent meals was if we had someone to cook for, so once a week we are going to get together for dinner. We split up the meal into appy, main, dessert, drinks so we are each in charge of just one thing, which is manageable after working all day and commuting home. This week was Italian. I was in charge of the main and made some great spaghetti (if I do say so myself). Jo made antipasti and bruschetta (*lip smacking*), Jen brought a tiramisu, and Christine contributed the wine. It was lovely to have an evening of good food and conversation and of course many laughs. This week - French!

This weekend Andi came to town from Plymouth and Jan from Kent. We met up in Leicester Square on Saturday morning and got ourselves tickets to see Wicked. It was a pretty good show. The other really enjoyed it, I had just read the book and was kind of disappointed how different the two were. We then headed back to Wimbledon and met up with a few others for Jan's belated birthday dinner at Giraffe.
mmm sushi

Sunday Josephine and I booked our hostel in Krakow, Christine finally made up her mind to join us and we fly out on Sunday morning! Then we went into town to a nice shopping mall to look at all the pretty things we wish we could afford. We stopped for lunch at Yo!Sushi, where you just grab what you want off of the conveyor belt, genius! And, of course, delicious.
Now another sunny weekend is coming to an end. Fingers crossed for another busy work week so I can afford all of my bills and my flight home which  booked this week. The countdown is on :)

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