Sunday, 29 May 2011

Crazy flyers and Kielbasa

Last night Josephine and I caught the train to the airport and arrived around 10:30. our flight was at 6:10 in the morning and Stansted is a small airport, not so easy to get to early. We grabbed a snack and found some seats to settle down. We did some napping and around midnight were both awake. We looked around and the airport looked like a storm shelter. There were people lying all over the floor, on all of the seats, even in front of check in counters. I would say that this is a sign that this airport is much too difficult to get to via transit!
Around 2 am our fellow travellers, Christine and Eric, finally showed up. They had taken a late coach and had to share their ride with some rowdies, apparently not too fun.
We all tried to get some shut eye, though were not too successful. Especially when a large group of people began cheering for some sort of sporting event that was being played somewhere.. Not fun.
Around 4 am we finally realized we were not going to get any more sleep and checked in. Our flight left on time. We chose the emergency exit row for the extra leg room. An interesting looking man decided to join Jo and I in our row. Smelled like he was part of the cheering squad from the airport. He tried to make some conversation, which we tried to avoid as politely as possible. Then he passed out cold. I was awoken by his buddy, who was sitting 4 rows ahead, trying to lean over me and Jo to wake up his friend. He got him to react, laughed and went back to his seat. About a half hour I awoke to the same thing, but this time Mr. Drunky-drunk in our row was not waking up. His friend kept trying, tugging on his arm, flicking his ear, etc. Finally I motioned to the flight attendant to get him outta here! He told me to ring the call button if there was any trouble at all. About a half hour later (all this in a 2 hour flight!), Mr. Drunk pants wakes up and orders a beer. One for him, one for his friend (we declined his offer for a drink). But he ended up having to take both since his friend had now passed out cold and could not be roused to accept his drink. Jo and I took this opportunity to stretch our legs and found an empty row of seats at the back where we spent the rest of the flight!

Kielbasa = Delicious!

We arrived in Krakow, caught a cab to the train station and walked to our hostel. We checked in, walked into town, and went for lunch! Traditional Polish Kielbasa, delicious!!

Then we wandered around a bit before going on a walking tour of the Jewish quarter, including several synagogues and Schindler's factory.
Very long and busy day, tomorrow we are heading to Auschwitz - Birkenau.

Old City Square Krakow

Old Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Cemetary

Jewish Ghetto

Mojitos!! Worth the 20 minute wait!

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