Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More Praha

Making the treats

Sunday morning we we served another lovely breakfast. European breakfast commonly consists of different breads, cheese, slices of meat, some fresh veg.  Jarmila also got some more traditional things which Jen was a little more daring to try some than I was. These were liver pate, smoked canned mackerel and caviar. After breaky we went into the city again, hoping that the clouds that were around this morning would burn off later in the day.

We explored the stalls of the Easter markets some more.  Many had little flying witches in celebration of witches night. This seems innocent enough, except that every ten seconds or so a stall owner, or annoying tourist, claps their hands and all of the witches start cackling in unison. We also stopped in the markets for a snack which we have been seeing around the entire trip: Trdlo. It is a sort of sweet bread baked wrapped around a stick so you end up with almost a hollow cinnamon bun. The bread is then rolled in sugar and almond bits. It was quite tasty.
Heading to metronome at the top of the hill

To work this off, we decided to climb up to the giant metronome on the hill and take in another view of the city. This metronome was built in the location where a giant statue of Stalin once stood. It is functioning as represents a remembrance for things past.

As we made our way up the sun came out and we had a beautiful day. The views from the top were fantastic looking out toward to river.  We walked from there over to the castle once again, since they day before it clouded over in the afternoon, so we wanted to see the views from that side in the sunshine as well. Along the way we found some beautiful gardens full of blooming tulips and other flowers.


Prague castle in the background

We eventually made our way back to the old city across the packed Charles Bridge where we found ourselves some gelato, then went back to the patio bar for a cool drink by the river.  Once again there was some live music for entertainment. Prague sure does love the oldies! Everywhere we went they were playing oldies, which we found quite amusing. At one point the guy on the patio even started sing Mellow Yellow!
Think he'd trade me jobs?

Finally it was getting towards dinner time and we had told Jarmila we wanted to take her out for a thank you dinner. She had said she would call her brother who has his own restaurant and see if we could come.  When we met her she told us that she had talked to him and gotten it all set up, but then he had called back a short time later and turns out he had forgotten one small detail - his restaurant was closed that day! So she took us to a little restaurant right near her place instead. It was a lovely dinner. Jen got the fish and said it was delicious despite coming with the head and tail still on! I got chicken breast baked with pears and goat cheese and it was scrumptious. Jarmila's brother met up with us at the restaurant for a glass of wine and we very much enjoyed listening to their stories of growing up and their cottage on a lake in Sweden where they trained squirrels. They also liked sharing their memories of long ago visits to Canada.
We were in bed early that night and left in the morning for the airport to make our way back to London. We had a long lay over in Cologne which made it a rather drawn out day, but what an amazing trip.
Glad I get to put Prague on my visited list.
Easter eggs at the market

Market stalls and horse carriage rides

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