Sunday, 16 January 2011

Getting Cultured

What a week! Five day work weeks are exhausting! haha It feels like it has been awhile since I've had one.  But I am glad to rake in the cash during the week so that I can spend it all travelling on the holidays. I spent my three "on call" days this week all in the same class. It is a year 2 class filled with some really nice kids. Of course a few naughty ones too, but after the first day I had most names down and it was pretty smooth sailing. Also good to spend 3 days in one week at the same school because then the secretary gets to know my name/face and will hopefully think of me next time they need supply.

Friday was a lovely movie and sushi night with Josephine. Nothing makes a tough week or day (she was having a bad TGIF?!) better quite like sushi!

National Gallery
On Saturday Josephine and I met up and headed in to town. I had decided that after being in London nearly 5 months (!) it was high time to visit the National Gallery. Boasted as "one of the world's greatest and most important galleries" according to The Handy London Map & Guide. Josephine also had never been and the price was right - free! Gotta love it.
National Gallery & Trafalgar Square

The gallery was great! I don't claim to be an art connoisseur by any means, but it was pretty exciting to see works by Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Raphael, Monet and many other famous artists that I have only ever read about. The gallery is huge and we put in our best effort, but after wandering around the seemingly endless rooms for quite some time hunger took over and it was time for lunch. After lunch we walked down Oxford Street for a bit before heading home. A great day out in London city.

Sunday started out nice and sunny. I went or a run in the morning and it was even quite warm, many other runners with just t-shirts were faring fine.  I came home and did some chores and by the time I got to groceries it had clouded over and the grey skies had returned... Hopefully the sun comes out again this week. Met up with friends for lunch and now to get some work done. Fingers crossed for another busy work week because I am getting quite excited for all my trips. Starting with meeting Mom & Chris in Rome in less than 4 weeks! AND this week I booked my trip with Christine and Josephine to go camping in Spain for 6 days in July during the Running of the Bulls!! Very excited to see this crazy tradition.

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