Sunday, 2 January 2011

A New Year

Well a new year is upon us so it comes with the blog territory to do the 'refelctive' or 'sentimental' post.  2010 was a crazy year for me, and obviously brought some huge changes.  It has actually been a year of growth for me.  This year I began to really understand the saying: "you create your own happiness".

I consider myself a very fortunate person. I have a wonderful loving family. I have some great friends and I have a job that I love. I have my health and the health of my family, what else could you want? I decided I needed a challenge. I needed to push myself outside of my little box of comfort and go for the things I wanted in life, and I did it all for me! I know that may sound selfish but I think that too many people spend all of their time pleasing other people and sticking to the status quo that they never take that moment to be selfish and do something just for them, just for their own personal happiness.  Was it hard quitting my dream job with no promise that I could get it back, yup. Was it hard waving goodbye to my parents at the airport knowing it could be a full year before I saw them or hugged them again, heck yes! But will I ever regret it? I really don't think so.

This year I have discovered so much about myself. Things that I want from life, the kind of person I want to be, the way I want to live my life.  Even more than these things though, I have learned to appreciate every moment and to live in every moment.  Life cannot be completely mapped out and planned all of the time, sometimes you just need to leap and see where you land, then pick yourself up and go from there.

This year, 2011, I want to challenge everyone to do something selfish. But not just a little "I'm going to take a hot bath with a glass of wine" selfish. I'm talking something that terrifies you beyond belief but for some crazy reason you have always wanted to do it. Maybe it means you will live off of kiwis and powdered soup for a couple weeks so that you can afford to do it, but it will be worth it! And after you have done this thing, whatever it may be, take a moment to appreciate it, and everything else in your life.  You can have all of the things in the world and experience everything imaginable, but if you don't stop to think back on it and really appreciate it where will your happiness come from?

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life in 2010, I hope you stay a part of my life in 2011, and Happy New Year to you!!

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  1. I love this post Michelle!! Today is my 10 year anniversary of when I left everyone and everything I had ever know in Ontario and moved here... It's not quite the European adventure you've embarked on but it was stepping outside the box and allowing myself to learn a new way of life I might not have ever know otherwise. So as you reflect on 2010 and what 2011 holds I reflect on the last 10 years and what the next 10 will hold for me!!

    Congrats to us both!!! Celebratory drink upon your return! =)