Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Some Down Time

View from Monument
Regent's Park
This weekend I finally got to shed my tour guide duties and relax for the long weekend before spring break came to an end.  Friday Andi, Paul, Devon and I did a quick trip up the London Monument. A commemoration to the Great Fire of London in 1666, 311 steps take you up 202 feet to get a nice view of the city. After such exertion, we spent the rest of the day lounging in the sun in Regent's Park.

Devon's last day

St James' Park
Saturday morning Devon caught her flight home and Andi and I headed to St James' Park (gotta mix it up a bit). We enjoyed another hot sunny day. I actually had to move our blanket into the shade as the mid day heat was pretty intense.  Helicopters were flying by for most of the afternoon - ah, the beginnings of the Royal Wedding.

Sunday was yet another sunny day. Andi and I walked up to Wimbledon Common for a bit, then stopped by a friend of a friend's BBQ before we hit up a neighbourhood pub for roast dinner with all the fixings! Our own little tribute to the delicious Easter dinners we knew we were missing back home.

And finally Monday was here, a bittersweet day. Another sun-filled day, but the last official day of break.  I spent some time in Wimbledon Park, another mid 20s day. Now break is over, the sun seems to have gone into hiding and I am back to waiting for a call for work.  With the wedding it is only a three day work week, and I only have one day booked for sure... Hopefully something comes in.  This weekend I am planning to avoid the Wedding mayhem by travelling to Prague with a friend from work.

Also, some exciting news. This weekend I booked my flight to India! I will be going to the Northern Bihar region in July. This trip is organized through my agency to do charity work. Check it out! http://www.impactteachers.com/charity/charity.php

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