Saturday, 23 April 2011

Glamour Queens to Thrill Seekers

After returning from Amsterdam, we had a couple of days in London before our next trip to Edinburgh.  On Sunday, Devon and I went up to King's Cross for a make over and photo shoot that I had won.

Our session was to begin at 11am. We arrived about 10:30 and were greeted by an extremely flamboyant man in bright orange eye liner who quickly offered us a glass of rosé. Who were we to refuse? This was going to be a good day! We then got called over to have our hair and make up done.  We both said that we wanted 'bright' make up.  The girls doing the hair and makeup looked nervous and asked what kind of colours we wanted. I said that I wanted to look the like the adverts for spring make up that you see in magazines with super bright colours.  They still looked nervous but a little pleased to get to have some fun. Devon's make up turned out great with pink and purple colours on her eyes, and I loved mine with oranges and pinks on my eyes. It was very fun.
Waiting for photos: ''I'm gonna Vogue the s#%t out of this menu!''
Then we had some more wine as we waited for the photographer. Now we were feeling and looking good.

We got called down by the photographer who told us to put on our first 'outfit'. He was the typical eccentric photographer type, barking orders that we didn't really understand and looking disappointed. After the first shoot he told us to change outfits and go back to the make up artists. Now we knew he either really liked us or totally hated us.  The make up girls were told he wanted them to tone down the colours (Boring!). They told us he had never asked them to do that before, but now we got to have two different looks in out photos. We had no idea what to make of this.
We finished the shoot and had to kill time while we waited for the photos so we went to a nearby pub. Then listened to their spiel to buy photos. All in all, a very fun day!

The next day we met up with Josephine, Christine and Andi and brought our 2 for 1 coupons out to Thorpe Park, an amusement park near London.  We had a great day going on rides and scaring the begeezus out of ourselves! They have some crazy rides, including one based on the Saw movies which has a 100 degree drop - yes, that is steeper than vertical! Another well spent day in London before getting up early Tuesday morning to catch the train to Scotland!
On the 'Canadian Train'

Saw Ride!!

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