Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood!

Awoke Saturday morning to sunshine once again. The difference this time? I'm on holidays! What a great feeling.
The end of my last work week went pretty smoothly. Thursday I taught French at my regular school and then I had a half day on Friday at a school I had been to before, most schools let out early on the last day.  I was booked in to teach year 5, which is an age here that can go either way for the kind of day it will bring.  So I went in and the other year 5 teacher was explaining the day to me (including an hour long assembly) when another lady walks in who sometimes works for the school. She says she was called at 9:30 the night before to supply in year 1, but since she knows the year 5 kids she asked to be in this class. So they both look at me wondering if I mind doing yr 1 instead. "Sure!" Year 1 will be way easier, this is looking good.  We get to the yr 1 class and there is already another supply in there. This is getting confusing. In the end I am in a reception class, we play games outside in the sun for 45 minutes, read a story, then watch an hour of Happy Feet. What a stellar last day of work!
Picnic :)
Then it is off to a patio with Christine and Josephine to enjoy pina coladas and another 2 4 1 happy hour beverages.

Saturday I went for a morning run then it was off to Hyde Park for a picnic. Packed up our things, grabbed some goodies at Marks & Spencer, slapped on our sunscreen and we were good to go. What an amazing day! Hyde Park is in full bloom with gorgeous flowers everywhere. We got there around noon and there was lots of space to set up all of our picnic blankets. Friends slowly joined our little camp out and we spent the entire day chatting, playing taboo, a little Frisbee, and enjoying our food and drink.

Today my cousin arrives, and it is supposed to be in the 20s again. Cannot wait.


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