Sunday, 7 November 2010

Time to Relax

Finally a weekend that didn't involve any major plans!
Thursday I was called in to teach French and Spanish at a secondary school.  My morning was great is a Spanish 7 class followed by French11. I was even cocky enough to text my friend and tell her what a wonderful day it was teaching all girls classes. Then after break the savages arrived!! It was French 8 (grade 7s) and they were beasts.  Shouting and loudness cannot even begin to describe them.  I finally got them quiet and explained that they had a worksheet they could do, they could talk and work with friends but had to remain in their seats.  Well next thing I know 2 girls are wrestling, I mean actually wrestling and fighting each other.  I go over and get them back in their seats and quieted down - somewhat. As I turn to walk back to the front of the class I hear a commotion and turn just in tome to see one girl fly over a table after being shoved by another girl! Savages I tell you!!! I survive this class, have another group of 8s come in - equally as loud, minus the violence (thank god!), then I have a Spanish 9 to finish off the day. Interesting to say the least!
Standing outside the gates, saving ourselves 7 quid :)
Friday I am back to my wonderful Brethren land of calm and tranquility!
Friday is also Guy Fawkes night here in London, so a few of us meet up at the pub for dinner before heading to check out the bonfire and fireworks at Wimbledon Park.  When we arrive the queue is soooo long to get in and it costs 7 pounds... right away that's too strikes for me - hate standing in line and hate spending money HA. So we wait around and finally the line starts to die down. We can see across the park a huge bonfire, and I am wondering how it is even legal to have that thing.. but we get into line, which we discover snakes through the park, so we really aren't close the the front at all. Just as we are getting close to the gates the fireworks start, right on time a half hour late (punctuality is definitely not what the Brits are known for!) We decide -much to my liking- that the view we have from just outside the gates is just as good as the view from within but is 7 pounds cheaper. And since we don't plan on doing any of the 'carnival' things set up inside this works for everyone!
Pretty decent fireworks display, despite the strong wind that probably messed with the planning of the display. When it was over we made our way home, all tired after a long week!
Saturday there were more fireworks going on, I enjoyed some from the backyard as I made my dinner! But Ang and I stayed home and invited Christine and Josephine over for a movie night :)
Now the sun is out and I am trying to motivate myself to go for a run, but am really enjoying lying in bed reading at the moment...
Seeing 3 other countries in October - Scotland, France and Ireland- was amazing, but perhaps a little greedy. November and December will be penny pinchers to save for Switzerland for Christmas and New Years :)

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