Sunday, 17 July 2011

Throwing in the Towel!

Then end of term is rapidly approaching.  This week I was at my regular school for two days and I was pre-booked in to another school on Thursday. I felt exhausted all week. I didn't even get called in on Tuesday, but still just feeling drained. So I decided that Thursday would be my final day of supply. I am done with being  called into schools I've never been to and teaching kids I've never met. I do not have the necessary energy left and my mind is on anything but the day at hand.  So Friday I turned off my phone and got a lovely 10 hours of (much needed!) sleep! It was glorious!

I then spent the day running errands and getting my things together for a lovely weekend in the Lake District.
On Friday I am off to India for my volunteer adventure. I will be working at a school that is sponsored by the agency I work for in London.  The agency has built several buildings on the compound and already done two training sessions with the teachers.  We are going for the final week-long training sessions with these teachers. While I am there, some of my close friends will be moving back to Canada. It is hard to believe how a date that seemed so far away is almost here. So this was our final weekend in the country together and we decided to spend it in the Lake District, North of London. This is the closest I have felt to being home!

For starters, it was raining pretty much the entire weekend. Also, there were actual hills and lots of green. It was a fantastic weekend, that I will write about soon. But for now I am knackered and off to bed. For, although I am not doing supply, I am working three final days at my regular school this week. Monday - Wednesday and my teaching career in England is over. Hard to believe.

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