Sunday, 24 June 2012


I have been a blog slacker! But I have finally done something that feels worthy of blogging about and hopefully it will kick start my writing again.

The team - Ice Crew Bears (say it out loud, you know you want to)
This weekend, I travelled to Whistler with 2 friends to compete in the Tough Mudder. Visit and check out the video to get a taste of what this is all about.

It is the most challenging event I have ever heard of, and definitely the most challenging thing I have ever taken part in. It was a 12 mile course, through Whistler mountain, with over 20 military-style obstacles. Luckily, I convinced my friend Veronique to join with me. She, in turn, convinced her boyfriend to join the team. He is military and has done many obstacle courses similar to this one. Except, they are usually about 7km long, with the obstacles 500-700 m apart. This one was 12 miles long with some obstacles more than a couple mile apart! Going from one obstacle to the next you are running up a gravel mountain rd, down a rock mountain road, down a 'trail' in the forest, through snow, or all of the above!

By far the most painful obstacle - frozen lake!
There were about 5 water stops along the course, which also offered bananas to eat. We were smart and took advantage of the first banana stop. Others wanted to keep going and regretting this later. At around mile 8 the sides of the trails started clogging up with participants who were in severe pain due to muscle cramps. One guy even had to lie on his back in a river of mud (approx. 1km trudging down river of mud), so that another guy could stretch out with calf cramp - he was going no where until the spasm passed!
Everest! I made it over!!

Right at the start line, you and the other 700 participants who started in your 15 minute time slot (700 every 15 minutes until all 14000 participants of the day were on the course - that is NOT a typo!), were told that `This is NOT a race! This is a Challenge! These are your teammates and you need to help each other out!` This was the spirit of the entire event and it was amazing.Going over 8 and 12 foot walls, guys were there to give you a boost. Swimming across the frozen pond, guys were there to pull you out. Running up Everest - a huge quarter pipe - guys are hanging off the top ready to catch your hands as you sprint your fastest and leap for their outstretched arms. You continually hear war cries of HOORAAH! And you reply with one of your own. You cross the finish line and are brandished with the coveted orange head-band. You wear the head-band with pride and fellow mudders cheer as you walk by. Only about 75% of participants finish the course. I saw many wounded and exhausted people. I did every challenge. I am quite proud to have completed this event. It definitely inspires me to continue to push myself past my limits. This is what I work out for! This is why I want to be strong and fit and mentally strong as well.
I almost made it!! Damn wet hands..
Death March - just a little hill

Amazing event, amazing venue (my first time in Whistler), amazing experience!

All for the glory (and free headband, tshirt & beer!)

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