Sunday, 14 August 2011


As someone who is notoriously bad at keeping secrets, I am quite proud of the surprise that I pulled off with the help of a few people. With only a few people in the know, I got on a plane Friday morning and arrived in Vancouver Friday afternoon. It was a long 9 hour flight, during which I watched 3.5 movies, but I had an emergency seat and was able to stretch out my legs at least.
After an hour and a half wait in Vancouver I flew in to Campbell River, enjoying the view during the 35 minute flight and feeling quite excited to be home.  Dad and Mlle were in on the plan and picked me, and my heavy baggage, up at the airport.
That night I got to enjoy a welcome-home hotdog roast in the backyard with my grandparents. I went to bed around 10:30 and fell asleep about 1.5 minutes later! I was up just before 7:30 and 2 hours later, when my parents finally got up, we made some waffles!
That evening I went over to Ashley and Gerry's house, where Gerry was very surprised to see me walk in the door. Little did he know, Ashley is quite the secret-keeper too. After a little reunion chat, it was time for the big surprise
About a half hour earlier, Chris had been surprised by Mom and friends for a 50th birthday party. But no one, other than mom and Kevin, knew I was coming too. I called their cell and had them hold it up to the mic saying a special call was coming in. I wished him a happy birthday (from London) and got the crowd to join me in singing to him. As they were singing, I walked in the back door. As most people were looking at the birthday boy and the cell phone, no one noticed me until I was half way across the hall. Then some screams of surprise were shouted and Chris finally saw the real birthday surprise! After 50 weeks in the UK I was back on home soil!
It was a lovely evening catching up with family and friends. Definitely the most difficult secret I've ever kept, but well worth the reaction. I knew it would be hard to keep a secret like that, but never thought about the lies that would have to be told to keep the secret too. It was far greater of a challenge than I thought it would be! Now I am back home and trying to fit in visits to catch up with everyone, and just enjoying being back on familiar ground around familiar faces. I know I have had a lot of blog followers, and I do promise to try and keep up some posts, though I am sure they won't be half as entertaining. Thank you to all those who followed my adventures abroad, and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone :)

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